July 28 2014  |  Airline & Terminal News

New capsule hotel opens at Tokyo Narita Airport

By Tanya Filippelli

Capsule hotel chain, nine hours has opened its latest development at Narita Airport’s Terminal 2 in Tokyo.

Minimalistic in design, the hotel operates on the principle that business passengers spend an average of nine hours or less in a hotel room when traveling.

The space saving pods and communal shower areas mean that nine hours Narita is able to accommodate 129 guests at any given time, divided into 71 male and 58 female pods.

Each pod is constructed from fiber-reinforced plastic and is fitted with air cyclone mattresses made from breathable materials that are meant to assist with weight distribution.

Guests are also supplied with a locker, gown and slippers so that they can move throughout the hotel in peace and comfort.

Capsule hotels have existed in Japan since the late 1970s but have never caught on in western culture. This will be nine hours’ second hotel after nine hours Kyoto.

It is hoped that alongside business travelers, the hotel will serve as a resting place for stranded or delayed passengers, or those just needing a boost.

Prices start at ¥3,900 (US$38) for one night, ¥1,500 (US$15) for a nap and ¥1,000 (US$10) for a shower.




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