November 20 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

British culinary and healthy eating options offered at Heathrow Airport

By Tanya Filippelli

Heathrow Airport has appointed three new brands to Terminal 2 in order to increase the amount of British culinary and healthy eating options available, ready for the terminal’s opening in June 2014.

The move follows feedback from British celebrity chefs John Torode and Gregg Wallace, who both present the UK television show MasterChef, after the chefs conducted a six-month tour of the airport starting in May this year.

Appointed as the “official taste buds of Heathrow”, Torode and Wallace sampled dishes from 80 plates at restaurants around the airport with the view of improving Heathrow’s dining experience.

Following the culinary tour, Torode and Wallace provided feedback to Heathrow’s food and beverage team, which included introducing healthier food choices across the terminals and creating a platform to support British culinary talent.

The ‘best of British’ is now being introduced in Terminal 2 with three openings recently announced, including a new restaurant from English celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal; The Gorgeous Kitchen developed by four local chefs; and London’s Pride by Fullers, an independent family brewery founded in 1845 and based in Chiswick, London.

Measures are also being introduced to aid passengers seeking healthier eating options at the airport, including healthy eating symbols in restaurant directories and brochures, which will help customers pick the healthiest options in each terminal.

Three additional outlets known for their commitment to healthy and seasonal dining are also being introduced throughout the airport: British chain, Leon and Japanese eatery, YO! Sushi in Terminals 2 and 3; Italian diner, Carluccios in Terminals 4 and 5; and Lebanese restaurant, Comptoir Libanais in Terminal 4.

“Heathrow’s restaurants and bars are designed specifically with travellers in mind, from people passing through several time zones in a very short space of time to those needing a meal in minutes. We’ve been recognized on a global level but for us this is not enough. We want to continue to innovate to be the best in our league for airport dining,” said Ben Crowley, head of Food and Beverage at Heathrow.


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