November 12 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

Heston Blumenthal to launch restaurant at Heathrow Airport

By Tanya Filippelli

English celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal will launch a new restaurant at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal next year.

The new restaurant is due to open in June 2014 when Terminal 2 begins operations. The concept and menu, currently being developed, will feature familiar British dishes inspired by Blumenthal’s ‘In Search of Perfection’ TV series.

“This is an incredible project. There are so many different elements to consider when people are travelling. We want to deliver a broad spectrum of easy to enjoy, familiar dishes from fish and chips to pizza,” said Blumenthal.

“When we made the ‘In Search of Perfection’ series we spent hours researching the temperature of a pizza oven or the crunch of batter; it’s this inspiration that is behind the menu at Heathrow – with some truly British eccentricity thrown in for good measure,” added Blumenthal.

The concept for the restaurant will be inspired by the chef’s creative approach to cooking and will bring a dynamic dining experience to Heathrow.

“Our brand new, £2.5bn terminal will not only showcase the best of the UK’s art and engineering talent, but also one of its greatest culinary minds. This new restaurant will certainly introduce a unique and original dimension to the airport eating experience at Heathrow,” said Muriel Zingraff-Shariff, Heathrow’s retail director.


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