September 3 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

Recycling program helps Delta fund Habitat projects

By Rick Lundstrom

Delta will be working with Habitat for Humanity projects in six cities

Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul abd New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle will be part of the project, starting tomorrow and continuing to November 1.

Delta's contribution to the Seattle area home is 100% funded by proceeds from Delta's in-flight recycling program. It is the fifth home Delta has funded by recycling customer aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other recyclable materials from passenger flights.

The airline says nearly 1 million pounds of passenger consumer products were recycled in 2012, and more than 7 million pounds have been recycled since the start of the program in 2007. Employee volunteers will help build a fully accessible home with a local family of four. 

"Delta people are unified in our resolve to serve the people of the communities where we live, work and serve each day," said Tad Hutcheson, Delta's vice president – Community Affairs, in the announcement of the projects. "Through our relationship with Habitat for Humanity, we've helped more than 100 families with safe, affordable homes around the globe though our employee's selfless dedication and eagerness to live the values of our brand."

The Atlanta build site is among the last homes that will complete a subdivision built entirely by Habitat for Humanity volunteers located in Jonesboro, Georgia. Delta's employees have proudly built 15 of the homes in the neighborhood since 2008. 

"It's inspiring to see the level of engagement from Delta employees and their culture of dedicated service in communities around the country," said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International.

Habitat is one of Delta's core community partnerships in its Force for Global Good, which encourages employees to unite under a shared mission to make a difference in the communities where they live, work and serve. Delta employees have helped more than 100 families receive safe, decent and affordable homes in eight countries around the world. More than 9,800 Delta people have contributed more than 92,000 volunteer hours raising walls, digging foundations, laying brick, installing roofs, painting and other construction-related activities.

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