August 21 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

All Nippon Airways rebrands Vanilla Air

By Tanya Filippelli

All Nippon Airways has rebranded low-cost subsidiary, AirAsia Japan as Vanilla Air following a buyout.

Initially a joint venture between ANA and the Malaysia-based AirAsia, the Japanese carrier now wholly owns the low-cost airline.

The decision for the name was made by ANA executives and president of ANA, Tomonori Ishii.

“Vanilla is loved by everyone in the world,” Ishii stated. “The smell of vanilla makes people relaxed,” Ishii added.

“We chose vanilla as our brand name because it is popular and loved by everyone in the world,” explained Ishii.

I think it is a very cute name,” Ishii added.

The new airline based at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, will begin flights in late December with a fleet of two aircraft, to be leased from ANA, and will target travellers heading for holiday resort destinations in Asia.

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