July 17 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

SSP opens new restaurant with Michelin-starred chef Dani García

By Rick Lundstrom

Chef Dani García


The new outlet is a classic tapas display, that allows the passenger to choose from a range of snacks and starters as they would in a traditional tapas bar. The food served will owe much to the philosophy of Chef Dani García, who specializes in the cuisine of southern Spain.

The 150 square meter outlet seats up to 60 diners.On the menu at the new Dani Garcia Deli Bar in Malaga

On the menu are a number of the dishes which will be very familiar to fans of García’s cuisine, his Bull Burger is made with ox-tail and mushroom dressed with a mayonnaise of beef jus and creamy Havarti cheese. There is also a cherry gazpacho served with a snow of cheeses, ravioli filled with Basque staple Txangurro crab, and a cannelloni of veal with mushrooms. There is also a new range of gourmet sandwiches and a selection of dishes featuring the highly prized delicacy of Iberian goose foie gras.

An innovative ‘take on board’ option, utilizes new packaging that maintains the temperature of hot foods. 

The outlet has been designed by Arquizano Interiorismo, which recently claimed the prize for best commercial interior design for the period 2010/12 at the Futureshop awards. Warm colors and natural wood finishes combine with the functional practicality demanded at an airport location. 

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