June 12 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

Etihad to split Boeing 787s into two-class and three-class versions

By Lauren Brunetti

Etihad will split its fleet of 40 Boeing 787-9s into two-class and three-class versions, the airline's CEO has revealed.

The move will give Etihad added flexibility on choosing and changing its Dreamliner routes and making best use of the stretched 787-9, which offers around 20% more seating than the current entry-level 787-8, The Australian Bussiness Traveller reported. 

The first configuration would sport business and economy classes, which has become the baseline for most of today's 787 airlines.

However it's not been indicated if the additional cabin on the second version would be first class or an 'economy plus' cabin with additional legroom, as Etihad does't offer a premium economy section on any of its current aircraft.

"We’re seeing many airlines starting to reduce their full-blown first class offering, mainly because business class is beyond what first class used to be” a Boeing spokesman told Australian Business Traveller in the lead-up to the Dreamliner's launch.

Source: http://www.ausbt.com.au

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