February 20 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

OTG adds multi-lingual ordering feature in Toronto

By Rick Lundstrom

OTG Management today announced the launch of its language support platform that allows international travelers to communicate, order food, check their flight status and carry out other activities in their native language.

The language support feature is now available to travelers at Fetta Panini Bar and Heirloom Bakery Café at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Travelers can set the iPads to any one of the 12 languages.

“OTG is breaking one of the most common barriers in travel – language – by allowing travelers from around the world to communicate and enjoy the company's amenities in their native language, “ said a release from the New York based OTG. “ By Q2 of this year, OTG will accommodate more than 20 languages across its fleet of iPad deployments, and continue to roll out its support for international travelers by next deploying this feature in the United States at Delta LaGuardia and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airports.”

Users of the feature sit down at an iPad at one of OTG's airport restaurants or gate seating areas. From there, meals can be ordered through visual menu that can be easily converted to Chinese, Japanese, German, English, Hebrew, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, Korean and Spanish. Food orders are then prepared fresh, and delivered to the customer's seat in 15 minutes or less.

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