October 4 2017  |  Seating

Pax2Go selects Zodiac Seats US’ Z100 Seat for narrow-body aircraft

By Melissa Silva

Zodiac Seats US has announced that Pax2Go has selected Zodiac Seats’ Z100 Economy Class seat for their short-flow retrofit programs. The program is expected to generate a demand of up to ten shipsets per month for the next several years.

A Pax2Go Z100 completing assembly on the manufacturing line

“Pax2Go’s selection of ZSUS is a resounding endorsement of our ability to deliver the Z100 at high volumes with very short lead times,” said Jeff Barger, CEO of Zodiac Seats.

The economically efficient and robust Pax2Go version of the Z100 is designed and pre-certified for standard A320 and 737 configurations with lead times of as short as three weeks from order to delivery. This short flow lead time is ideal for lease return aircraft, as well as short flow maintenance checks requiring interior refurbishment. The Z100 with its low acquisition cost, simple design and reduced part count offers operational reliability, ease of maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership.

“The reason we selected Zodiac Seats U.S. for our aftermarket program is that Zodiac Seats US has 50+ years of experience in the OEM aircraft seating industry, a strong leadership team, and an exciting new seat product for the narrow-body market,” said Noële Schep, President/CEO of Pax2Go. “The Z100 is the perfect base for the specific requirements we have for our Market. Our Technical and Marketing team were able to create a Pax2Go Z100 product together with Zodiac Seats US in a matter of weeks. The Pax2Go version of the Z100 can provide the market with a fully compliant product that is well within all Aircraft OEM and Airworthiness Authorities requirements in an extremely short lead-time, and at a very reasonable price point.”

Pax2Go is the sole aftermarket distributor of the Zodiac Seats US Z100 product line, to include being the distributor for all Pax2Go Z100 spare parts and services.

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