April 13 2017  |  Inflight Entertainment

Airbus launches new subsidiary: Airbus Interiors Services

By Melissa Silva

Airbus has launched a new offer: Airbus Interiors Services (AIS). Based in Toulouse, AIS is built on the engineering know-how and experiences of the former Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC). Part of Services by Airbus, AIS is dedicated to supporting airlines with their cabin upgrade development strategies.

AIS developed the innovative "Day & Night" concept (pictured) for a more exclusive passenger experience

Through a team of engineers and supply chain specialists, AIS offers various retrofit solutions. By combining the competitiveness and reliability of manufacturer-developed solutions with bespoke creations, AIS will deliver upgrade solutions, tailored equipment and innovative products to Airbus standards.

“We are delighted to welcome AIS into the Services by Airbus family. Their offer is perfectly complementing the Airbus upgrades successful solutions,” said Laurent Martinez, Head of Services by Airbus.

Airbus Interiors Services currently comprises three business lines to respond to airlines’ needs:

Tailored equipment: These cover a large scope of tailored equipment from single monument to large zone outfitting developed and delivered either to Airbus (SFE) or to airlines (BFE). The cabin items are designed and manufactured specifically for each airline’s needs by Airbus Interiors Services directly.

Upgrade Solutions (cabin and connectivity): These include hybrid solutions combining Airbus Service Bulletins (SBs) and AIS solutions answering a particular need for an airline.

Innovative products: AIS designs and produces products for the benefit of the Airbus customer community. These products are part of the Airbus cabin portfolio. They include for example a new Central Ceiling Stowage for A320 family “classic cabin”.

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