April 12 2017  |  Inflight Entertainment

digEcor announces new customers and partner at AIX

By Rick Lundstrom

A customer for its Glide embedded inflight entertainment system, and Engage crew handling system and a new partner in Italy-based Aviointeriors were part of digEcor’s week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

On April 4, the Brisbane-based company announced Corendon Airlines in Anatalya, Turkey would replaced its tape-based system with the digital Glide inflight entertainment system on six of its 737-800s with the option for a further order that would bring the installation to 12 aircraft.

Corendon will receive the Glide embedded system, its cabin management terminal, which is a single touchscreen that will serve as as the video control center for the pre-recorded announcement system, public address, boarding music and a moving map.

“The airline is purchasing a simplified installation that solves existing obsolescence issues and provides their airline’s passengers many of the features of a typical overhead IFE system in one unit with broader content choice, digital sound and enhances viewing quality,” said Paul Thorpe, Vice President of Global Sales at digEcor. “We are delighted to welcome Corendon into the digEcor family.”

Air Tahiti Nui will be taking the company’s Engage system in a full rollout by the end of the year. The system is a mobile solution that connects ground and cabin crew to airline systems for passenger information, electronic reporting, service recovery and communication.

Finally, the company announced collaboration with Latina, Italy–based Aviointeriors. The partnership will lead to the development of a range of TSO’d IFE seats in all classes capable of supporting digEcor’s Integrated Flight Experience products portfolio composed of HD screens, noise canceling technology, a custom designed personal controller and passenger service solution and its USB and 110-volt in-seat passenger power. 

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