November 21 2016  |  Inflight Entertainment

AeroDocs to help Qatar Airways crew manage operational documents

By Rick Lundstrom

The Qatar Airways Group has added a documentation management system for the airline and its subsidiaries to host and share corporate manuals and policies with staff in real-time.

AeroDocs software from Arconics, a ViaSat company, provides a centralized repository to revise and track operational and non-operational company manuals and documentation for operational readiness. The ability to create, author, edit and mark all changes in a visible manner over the Internet enables team members to easily keep abreast of, and be alerted to, relevant procedural modifications when they happen.

With the system, Qatar Airways administrators now have real-time visibility of a highly efficient distribution process, which ensures that various outputs such as web browsers, laptops and electronic flight bags, are simultaneously synchronized and all staff have access to the current version of documents. Arconics has integrated AeroDocs into existing Qatar Airways Group systems to minimize the operational overhead, and ensure accuracy of information and consistency across all systems.

“With Qatar Airways’ exponential growth, we invest in technology that will integrate our teams and create efficient platforms that cut across time zones and barriers,” said Qatar Airways Senior Vice President, Group Safety and Security, Ashish Jain. “With this live corporate documentation management system, the web-based functionality created especially for Qatar Airways, allows us to maintain consistency, regulatory compliance and quality control in a manner that is in line with our business growth plans.”

The system also allows authors to collaborate more easily with web-based editing functionality and document owners and regulators can manage and approve new revisions seamlessly. With the AeroDocs system, corporate policies and manuals can be viewed from mobile devices and configured for defined user groups too.

The accessibility of the web-based hosting system allows Qatar Airways to equip its staff with regular updates and ease of access to review essential corporate manuals and provides the tools to establish a routine regulatory compliance program. Qatar Airways employees will be further trained on the system via an innovative digital learning module blended with brief instructor led workshops.

“Success in safety and compliance depends on shared knowledge that is communicated via an airline’s documentation,” said Arconics Chief Executive Officer, Niall O'Sullivan. “By enabling subject matter experts to collaborate more effectively and providing real-time tracking and management of the publication and distribution process, we strengthen safety and compliance across the enterprise.


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