January 25 2016  |  Inflight Entertainment

JetBlue reveals passenger experience retool

By Rick Lundstrom

JetBlue Airways announced today a “fully connected in-seat experience” would be part of an A320 cabin restyling program.

The fleet will be retooled for greater comfort, connectivity and space, said the New York airline. Among the features the JetBlue plans are complimentary gate-to-gate connectivity through its Fly-Fi high speed Internet, new inflight entertainment based on the Internet, high-definition seatback televisions and in-seat power and USB ports. The airline’s seatback TVs will be have Wi-Fi Internet connections.

Passengers will be able to stream content and browse and expanded number of DirecTV channels, from 36 to more than 100. The system will have a library of more than 300 on-demand Hollywood movies for viewing on a 10-inch screen.

The airline’s Fly-Fi Internet is provided by Thales and ViaSat and delivers content from 12 to 28 Mbps to connected devices. When access expands gate-to-gate, personal electronic devices will connect to a hub that will provide video from Amazon before takeoff. Power to the seat will be supplied to every seat with plug-ins and USB ports.

JetBlue has also selected the Space-Flex v2 galley and lavatory module from Zodiac Aerospace for the A320s and A321s. With a reconfiguration to, additional space will be available. The new A320s will have 162 seats, while the A321s will be configured with 200 seats. The Space Flex v2 will be in the all-core A321s in the second half of this year. The A320 restyling will start in early 2017 and plans call for completion in 2019.

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