December 16 2015  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Adria Airways updates magazine and onboard content

By Rick Lundstrom

Adria Airways has expanded, rebranded and transformed its traditional print inflight magazine concept to create OnAir Magazine and OnAir Entertainment, twin content platforms available at the airline’s website and onboard its aircraft, with the help of Wi-Fi boxes from AirFi.Magazine and entertainment are available on passengers' personal devices

On Adria Airways’ new website, launched December 10, OnAir Magazine content has become a central theme. Editorial from the airline’s inflight magazine has been reformatted into online stories aimed to inspire readers to explore Slovenia and destinations beyond. Online content is being updated regularly and is organized into categories such as People, Cuisine, Aviation, and Culture and History.

The digital entertainment experience continues onboard Adria’s fleet of A319 and Bombardier CRJ aircraft, where OnAir Entertainment replicates and expands upon the website concept. Using AirFi boxes for powerful, lightweight server/wireless access points or WAPs the airline is streaming magazine content, flight information, shopping catalogs, destination videos, menus, HTML5 games, chat functions and newspapers directly to passenger’s own mobile devices.

"With the introduction of OnAir Magazine and OnAir Entertainment, we have brought rich and diverse archive of content together under a single brand,” explained Iztok Franko, Adria's marketing and IT director. "We are particularly excited about the future of the OnAir Entertainment portal, which is made possible by the AirFi box. We’re very pleased at the speed with which we were able to roll-out this service and the quality experience our passengers are now enjoying. New features will be added regularly.”

On other European short and medium-haul carriers, AirFi box Wi-Fi programs have seen initial uptake numbers between 22% and 30%. The AirFI box is part of a group of products that are becoming a cost-effective option for airlines, and could be installed in thousands of cabins over the next 10 years.  

Adria Airways has taken a proactive approach to educating passengers about OnAir Entertainment, and created a special seatback decal explaining how to connect.

“Adria Airways is a brilliant airline to work with,” commented Job Heimerikx, CEO of AirFi. “They’ve really explored every utility of our box, increasing passenger loyalty and affinity by providing information and entertainment in many forms. It’s rewarding to help an airline please passengers and to have the platform operational overnight on their entire fleet. The flexibility of the AirFi instantly proves itself in Adria’s multimedia strategy”

The AirFi box is a portable streaming solution with no aircraft modification necessary, allowing Adria to avoid a number costs and certifications associated with other IFE solutions.

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