July 15 2015  |  Inflight Entertainment

HAECO Cabin Solutions launches new Vector-Y economy seat

By Mary Jane Pittilla

The Vector seat for economy class will be available for delivery next year

HAECO Cabin Solutions, a specialist in maintenance, repair and overhaul, complex interiors integration projects and lightweight seat manufacturing, is currently offering its Vector-Y economy seat for delivery in early 2016.

A space for tablet devices is part of the Vector design by HAECO

“Driving passenger loyalty has joined reliability and low lifetime operating costs as a key objective for airlines seeking new aircraft seating,” the company said. “Delivering well on these requirements presents seat manufacturers with new, seemingly difficult design challenges. HAECO Cabin Solutions’ new Vector seat platform was deliberately created from a clean slate to meet those challenges.” 

In designing the Vector-Y, HAECO planned for ease and low cost of maintenance and servicing during the lifetime of the seat. The company is pre-engineering and certifying configurations of Vector-Y for all variations of the 737 and A320.

“Every part of Vector is proven and tested based on what we’ve learned over many decades of maintaining aircraft,” said Kevin Carter, Chief Executive Officer of HAECO Americas. “We see the vulnerabilities with aircraft seats on a daily basis and we applied those insights in our new seat design that will deliver comfort while saving airlines lifetime operating costs.”

Vector is constructed of carbon fiber for a thin profile that provides passengers with more living space while delivering the enduring toughness airlines require. 

Vector-Y offers features such as a tapered armrest that gives space for thigh width, a raised seat backrest pivot positioned to create maximum shin clearance, and a carefully positioned forward baggage bar that allows ample leg-stretch space.

“Vector-Y is amazingly comfortable for a lightweight economy seat,” said Carter. “Customers tell us they’re surprised by its comfort. We invested a lot to pursue what our team gathered from focus groups, building upon our deep understanding of seat architecture and advanced aircraft interiors engineering. It’s been years in development.”

In addition to features for maximum living space, Vector-Y has pillow-top cushions and curved seat back, designed to cradle the body. The seat height is low enough to accommodate 5% of the adult female demographic and the tray table is high enough to accommodate 95% of the male. For a base model economy seat, Vector-Y boasts some surprising amenities, including a tablet holder at eye level and power and USB outlets on the seatback facing the passenger. These amenities are designed to be easy for passengers to see and effortless to reach.

Lifetime maintenance savings are derived from several design imperatives, including a low part count to reduce inventory requirements and to ease line maintenance complexity. All line-removable units can be replaced in five minutes or less. Bumper inserts, the parts that take the greatest galley cart and baggage abuse over time, are easily removed for fast and cost-effective replacement, avoiding a need to replace the larger seat bumper component.

“HAECO Cabin Solutions took account of airline customer requirements and what drives passenger loyalty and then designed the Vector-Y from the bottom up,” Carter said. The company’s engineers and designers worked with industrial design specialist Paperclip Design of Hong Kong, which gave the seat its distinctive style aesthetic.


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