May 6 2015  |  Inflight Entertainment

digEcor’s new LED cabin lighting solution to enhance customer experience

By Melissa Silva

digEcor’s new LED cabin lighting solution now offers airlines 4 billion color and light intensity levels to maximize their passengers’ comfort during flight.

“Our easily adjustable and reliable new product delivers more than just exceptional light functionality,” said digEcor CEO David Withers.

“It gives airlines another platform to create memorable travel experiences for their passengers by enhancing the spacial feel of the cabin, reducing the effects of jetlag and creating an elegant and ambient inflight environment to further develop the essence of their brand,” he added.

“It is an important part of digEcor’s ‘IFE — Integrated Flight Experience’ and exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the overall passenger experience by building on our reputation as a leader in the delivery of efficient and reliable, inflight entertainment systems,” said Withers.

The easy-to-install LED cabin lighting system is fully integrated with digEcor’s Glide seat-centric IFE solution and is available as direct replacement for most aircraft common light fixtures in sidewall and ceiling use. It is easily controlled by cabin crew and fully programmable by an airline.

digEcor's new LED cabin lighting solution was on display at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this past April.


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