January 21 2015  |  Inflight Entertainment

GEE announces Satellite Connectivity System now provisions offerable on new 737s

By Melissa Silva

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (GEE) and Boeing have announced that Global Eagle’s Ku-band satellite connectivity system provisions will be offerable on new 737s.

GEE continues to actively work with Boeing on line-fit installation feasibility for catalogue offering consideration. Airlines ordering new Boeing 737 airplanes will then have the option of including pre-installed satellite connectivity by GEE in their aircraft prior to delivery.

“With the 737 being the most popular aircraft in the world in terms of new orders, this achievement marks a major milestone for GEE to expand its connectivity system offering,” commented Dave Davis, CEO at GEE. “The ability to deliver Ku-band and future Ku-HTS connectivity on new Boeing airplane orders enables us to answer the strong demand for a superior inflight connectivity offering and provides airlines access to the most technically advanced connectivity solution in the market as a pre-installed option.”

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