November 21 2014  |  Inflight Entertainment

Gogo gets installation clearance on Delta 777-200s

By Rick Lundstrom

Gogo Inc. has received Supplmental Type Certificate from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to install its Ku-band satellite equipment on 777-200ER aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines. 

“This is the sixth and final STC Gogo needs to complete installation of Ku-band satellite based connectivity service on Delta's international fleet,” said a release from the Itasca, Illinois-based Gogo.

Gogo previously received FAA certification to install its Ku-band equipment on Boeing 757-200, 767-400, 747-400, 767-300 and A330 aircraft operated by Delta. 

Gogo expects to complete installations on Delta's international fleet in 2016. Gogo's Ku-band satellite connectivity service is currently available on more than 50 international aircraft operated by two airlines.

"Clearing the necessary regulatory hurdles to provide this service to an aircraft flying anywhere around the globe is no small feat and is something that Gogo has gotten exceptionally good at doing," said Michael Small, Gogo's president and CEO, in yesterday's announcment.  "With all of the needed STCs for Delta's international fleet completed, we can now focus our attention on installations and bringing Wi-Fi to passengers as they fly all over the world."

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