October 28 2014  |  Inflight Entertainment

Lufthansa adds Media Box to IFE offerings

By Rick Lundstrom

Media Box is now on board Lufthansa German Airlines with an exclusive selection of national and international e-papers.

Lufthansa passengers can access digital newspapers and magazines in-flight. Access is provided by Media Box from Media Carrier GmbH on short- and medium haul flights.

“The inclusion of Media Box as part of Lufthansa entertainment is a very exciting step for us. We are the only component of the inflight entertainment system to provide new content every day. The first flight in the early morning will offer the latest edition of e-papers,” says Philipp J. Jacke, managing director of Media Carrier GmbH, which handles the media content and operation of Media Box. The newspapers and magazines will be available with the same layout and content as the print editions and can be browsed simply and intuitively. Individual sections can be zoomed if required.

Passengers can access the wireless inflight entertainment system, which is compatible with all standard laptops, smartphones and tablets. Apart from the Media Box “e journals” menu item, the system offers a wide range of content including movies, music and flight information. Lufthansa has equipped 15 of its A321 fleet with the wireless IFE system, with five more to follow.The app for Media Box will be accessible on any passenger device. Photo by Gerhard Linnekogel

In other news, Lufthansa has recently started offering its passengers on selected medium-haul aircraft a wide range of Hollywood films, TV series, music and digital media. The selection includes films in up to eight languages, popular television series and 100 CDs. Passengers also have access to the wide range of Lufthansa radio programs.

In the Lufthansa WorldShop, the latest branded products related to travel, lifestyle, sport and electronics can be ordered home delivery. This service will commence with 20 Airbus A321 aircraft that are equipped with the system. The planned destinations include Tel Aviv, Ashgabat, Baku and the Canary Islands.

Before the flight, guests simply download the Lufthansa entertainment app – for free like the whole program itself - or the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in for notebooks. While on board, passengers can put together their own personal entertainment program.

The new product offering is based on Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect platform, which does not require every seat to be fitted with wiring. Lufthansa Technik developed and installed the corresponding wireless access points in the cabin.

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