May 13 2014  |  Inflight Entertainment

Digital livery joins on Fly-Fi equipped JetBlue fleet

By Rick Lundstrom

JetBlue Airways today introduced its newest custom livery, 'Binary Code,' to celebrate its Fly-Fi Internet service.

This joins JetBlue's fleet on the newly re-christened 320 named, "CONNECTED TO 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101" (N709JB).

In December, JetBlue announced it would work with LiveTV and satellite provider ViaSat to bring Fly-Fi to the cabin. Now, the airline says that nearly a third of its A320s are equipped with Fly-Fi, and the service is being added at an average rate of 10 aircraft per month. JetBlue's Fly-Fi Ka-band satellite connectivity, powered by ViaSat's Exede Internet, is eight times faster than older, slower inflight connections.

"This beauty of a plane truly represents the pride we have in providing our game-changing Fly-Fi service," said Jamie Perry, Director of Product Development at JetBlue in today’s announcement. "We recently saw a record 136 connected devices on one of our flights -- all enjoying a great high-speed connection. We've never seen anything like that from other inflight Wi-Fi products."

"It is great to see JetBlue showcasing its industry leading Internet product," said Glenn Latta, President of LiveTV. "JetBlue gave us the challenge of creating one of the industry's best Internet experience and we're proud to have delivered a solution that, combined with our live television offering, is a truly 'At Home in the Air' experience."

"JetBlue always seems to add something special to whatever they do and this creative design is another example," said Don Buchman, Vice President Exede Mobility, "We appreciate JetBlue highlighting our Exede Internet consumer network that powers Fly-Fi, which is how passengers get the same great satellite Internet in-flight as they can at home."

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