April 2 2014  |  Inflight Entertainment

Lumexis provisions to be offered on two models of 737 in '15

By Rick Lundstrom

Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Lumexis Corporation announced today the Lumexis Fiber-To-The-Screen® (FTTS®) system provisions will become offerable on the 737-800/-900 for customer deliveries beginning January of 2015.

“The Lumexis team is delighted with this significant step toward full line fit, having gained the confidence of this major airframe manufacturer in our leading edge IFEC,” said Doug Cline, Lumexis Corporation Chief Executive Officer in today’s announcement. We are most appreciative of their supportive and collaborative offerability team, and we look forward to soon becoming qualified and offerable by Boeing.”

Lumexis will also be showing visitors to AIX its new Fast Adaptable Swipe and Touch (FAST) graphical user interface (GUI).

The FAST GUI responds to tablet swipe gestures as well as soft-touch selection of all entertainment menu items. FAST provides an intuitive feature-rich user interface that makes significant use of images, designed to allow passengers to quickly find the IFE content that they’re looking for. 

With FTTS’s three-terabyte real-time server library, airlines can offer several hundred, full-length, HD movies to every passenger accompanied by unlimited language, sub-titles and captions.  

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