February 9 2014  |  Inflight Entertainment

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By Rick Lundstrom

Though the company’s is often the regional source for exterior and scheduled maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies went into this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East and MRO event a complete list of capabilities for the servicing airline cabins as well.

Workers at the company can carry out a number of projects within the cabin, including interior refurbishment, furnishing and carpet replacement, repairs to cabin amenities and inflight entertainment down to cabin cleaning and decal and mirror fabrication.

“The shops in the cabin maintenance department at ADAT include the interior workshop, carpet workshop and interior painting,” said Abdul Khaliq Saeed, President of ADAT. “Our in-house laundry cleans seat covers and blankets. More than 30,000 blankets go from the ADAT laundry to the line every day.”Abdul Khaliq Saeed, President of ADAT

ADAT is a key player and sponsor at this year’s AIX/MRO event, which was held last week in Dubai. The company provides service to more than 70 commercial aircraft customers. ADAT has an extensive component repair capability and 14 fully equipped workshops.

When aircraft arrive at the company for standard C-check maintenance, Saeed said cabin maintenance might be up to 25% or more of the total work.

“We have performed complete refurbishment of all cabin items from seats to lavatories for different types of aircraft for one of the leading airlines in the Middle East,” said Saeed. “As well as reconfiguration and side walls for multiple aircraft of a European customer most recently.”

Located in the UAE capital city, ADAT is part of a small but growing market for maintenance repair and overhaul. Currently, MRO demand in the Middle East is less than 10% of the overall market. Like nearly every aviation company in the region ADAT is closely following the growth of commercial aviation that is outpacing the larger markets of Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific. It is also noting the aircraft types that are coming on stream in the region.

“At this point in time, the Middle East MRO spend still remains wide-body heavy,” said Saeed. “This could bring its share of challenges in the regional MROs in ensuring they can support such annual growth in man hours, even though the new aircraft types ordered will be less man-hour intensive.”

Despite that, ADAT is staffing up and training employees in the latest techniques. Last year employees enhanced skills at Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce and the Federal Aviation Administration Academy in the United States. In house, schooling took place on a wide variety of subjects from GE engine training to first aid.

“ADAT also invites instructors from all over the world to Abu Dhabi to conduct training across various department and at our dedicated training center on premises,” said Saeed. 

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