October 7 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

PGA Electronic introduces new range of innovations

By Lauren Brunetti

PGA's Be-Bop’tic optical fiber system

PGA Electronic, the French company providing motion systems, lighting systems and IFEC/CMS systems, will be introducing its new range of innovations during the NBAA 2013 show, which will be held in Las Vegas later this month.

PGA's new HD streaming system will be demonstrated at the show, with an ARINC media server, video and audio contents. These can be streamed in order to be viewed on any renderer (TV, tablet and smartphone).

According to the company, visitors can also enjoy high video quality with the new 32’’full HD display. "It is designed to offer you the best resolution. The CalypsoIts reduced depth makes it possible the integration in any cabin design," said the media release.

The company will also present the ‘’Be-Bop’tic’’ optical fiber system. This innovation makes the color homogeneity and intensity calibration possible between two or more lighting sources and allows reaching perfection in term of light rendering.

PGA is also innovative in LED reading lights, which have been already installed on several major airlines. The company's new monument reading light, which is called the ‘’Calypso’’ gets universal electronic power from 5 to 28Vdc, and works with Lighting LED, and in novelty, Mood Led. "Its flush design is particularly attractive and allows for integration into any monument type. It is easy to find the ‘’Calypso’’ in the dark thanks to its three coloured LED," said the company. 


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