September 3 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

IFE Services partners with makers of FlightPath3D

By Rick Lundstrom

Norwegian is the launch airline for the FlightPath3D 

 The FlightPath3D solution is a fully integrated in-flight moving mapping service. The service includes a flight preview ‘auto-play’ script broadcast during aircraft boarding, an in-seat interactive 3D map application with detailed satellite imagery and integrated street maps. There is a new destination guide information service that updates relevant point-of-interest information periodically for an airline’s destination cities.

In August this year, Betria Interactive announced Norwegian as the launch airline for the FlightPath3D. Head of Business Development at Norwegian, Boris Bubresko, stated at the time that after evaluating all available in-flight map products on the market, “FlightPath3D delivered by far the most engaging passenger experience.”

“We’re delighted to add FlightPath3D to our innovative and growing product portfolio,” said Andy McEwan, CEO of IFE Services. “This very impressive product fits perfectly with our aim of providing world-class IFE solutions to our clients.”

“We’re very excited about our partnership with IFE Services.” stated Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive.  “With the launch of our flagship product, FlightPath3D, we needed a strategic partner to help us accelerate our market reach.  As a platform agnostic service provider, IFE Services’ top priority is delivering the best solutions available on the market and what is ultimately in the best interests of their clients.” 

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