July 31 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Philippine Airlines becomes first airline customer of TriaGnoSys’ GSMConneX connectivity

By Lauren Brunetti

A Philippine Airlines (PAL) Boeing 777-300ER jet that has been fitted with  TriaGnoSys’ inflight GSMConneX connectivity hardware was recently officially released, making PAL  the first to offer TriaGnoSys’ inflight GSM and WiFi services.

This marks the first time GSMConneX has been installed on a commercial airline.  GSMConnex will also be installed in all of PAL's B777 and Airbus A330-343 aircraft.  With GSMConneX, PAL passengers will get to enjoy onboard cellphone calls and WiFi connection.  GSMConneX is available as a retrofit option, with Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir services. OnAir is  Philippine Airlines’ GSM and WiFi service provider.

GSMConneX was originally intended to power inflight GSM and TriaGnoSys has now expanded it to  include WiFi. It incorporates the hardware and software parts for both the aircraft and ground  segments. The airborne hardware consists of only two lightweight and small units, combined with  wireless access points and a cabin control screen. TriaGnoSys is responsible for supplying GSMConneX itself, as well as integrating the other third party hardware elements into the full turnkey  solution.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “Philippine Airlines is the first GSMConneX  commercial airline customer, which is excellent news. We have designed our hardware and software  portfolio to be highly flexible, so we were able to move very quickly to meet the airline’s specific  requirements, which in this case included the addition of WiFi capability. In fact, the customization
process took only a few months.”

As well as connectivity, the GSMConneX platform has been designed specifically to host a wide  range of software application modules. These include entertainment and non-flight-critical cockpit  applications.

Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir, said, “The beauty of GSMConneX is that it is very simple to install and  TriaGnoSys is highly flexible and easy to work with. That is very attractive for airlines, which want to  provide inflight connectivity for their passengers in the most straightforward way possible. The ability  to offer both GSM and WiFi services is very important: passengers want to be able to choose how
they communicate during the flight, just as they can on the ground.

As an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation, TriaGnoSys supplies  GSMConneX as certified hardware; it is available with an EASA Form 1. The GSMConneX hardware  is manufactured at TriaGnoSys’ headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany.

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