July 9 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Online food travel program to show on Virgin America

By Rick Lundstrom

Tastemade announced today it will bring is Perennial Plate's Real Food World Tour to Virgin America domestic flights.

The Perennial Plate's Real Food World Tour is an online documentary series created by Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine dedicated to “socially responsible and adventurous eating.” In partnership with Intrepid Travel, the series will visit 12 countries to explore the people and cuisine.

"People around the world are taking ownership of their food again, and The Perennial Plate celebrates, inspires, and speaks to this passion," said Steven Kydd, Tastemade Co-Founder in today’s announcement of the partnership with Virgin America. "We are honored to work with YouTube and such a progressive airline like Virgin America to bring this award-winning series to their flights."

"It's exciting that online films about sustainability are now being shown side by side with the blockbusters and romantic comedies normally associated with airline entertainment," said Perennial Plate's Daniel Klein.

Tastemade's global network includes the #1 most-subscribed food channels on YouTube in the UK, Australia, France, and Brazil. Over 11 million food lovers generated 270 years of watch time (in minutes watched) in June alone.

The Tastemade channel also features food programming such as Thirsty For, a modern take on video recipes; and Cooking and Food Travel Shows featuring YouTube's top food stars such as SortedFood@, The Table, Hilah’s Texas Kitchen and Bite Club. 

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