July 8 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

InflightDirect introduces new headphone model

By Lauren Brunetti

InflightDirect is pleased to introduce their new Active Noise Cancellation headphones -  model ID-ANC98EB.

The new headphones offer a compact earbud style that is offered to customers in a small, hard case that protects the headphones while traveling; this prolongs the life of the headphones and offers inside pockets for accessories such as airline adaptors and spare battery.  The performance of this new style earbud rivals many of the brand name retail products, notes Thomas G Mockler.  

"The ANC earbud models (3 different styles) have been quite popular with our rail customers that sell these onboard as an upgrade to the standard models offered.  These new ANC models are perfect for the passengers as it provides active noise cancellation and incredible sound reproduction” notes Thomas G Mockler “is also perfect for the airlines as they occupy a small space onboard while generating a substantial amount of onboard revenue, much more than the standard headphones models,” Mockler said. 

The packaging and headphones can be produced in each airlines choice of color which creates  an ideal marketing opportunity for each destination traveled by passengers that purchase the model ID-ANC98EB.

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