June 27 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

SK-II products now on Qantas, supplied by Buzz

By Rick Lundstrom

Female, left and male kits now on Qantas


Skincare products from SK-II are now aboard Qantas in the carrier’s First Class amenity kits.

The female kit, which is in a red bag, includes Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser and Stempower Cream. The twin pocket bag kit for males features product from the new SK-II Men range including Moisturizing Cleanser, Age Revitalize Moisturizer and Facial Treatment Essence. Qantas worked with Australian supplier Buzz on the kits.

"Buzz is thrilled to have facilitated this new partnership between Qantas and SK-II," said Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz, in the company’s June newsletter.

The SK-II amenity kits are now available on flights to Dubai and will be rolled out to all Qantas First routes next month.

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