April 24 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

JAL rebrands IFE experience, improves video and print

By Hibah Noor

Starting in May, Japan airlines will launch its new inflight entertainment brand called New Sky Entertainment JAL Mooove!JAL's inflight magazine doubles as a guide to its IFE

“JAL will provide not only the latest and talked-about movies, but also the movies with new visual points,” said a release from the carrier. “Monthly theme(s) for infight movies will be considered, for example Academy Award movies in May and mystery and suspense movies in June.”

The airline is also expanding its offering of inflight manga, which are Japanese comics, offered on the 787 when it returns to service. JAL will have more than 90 volumes of manga, to go with its 55 movie channels, 50 audio channels and 24 game channels.

JAL also plans updates and improvements to its inflight magazine, which it also uses as an inflight entertainment guide.



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