April 17 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Post-show highlights from AIX 2013

By Lauren Brunetti


The visitors and exhibitors who travelled through the busy aisles of Aircraft Interiors Expo last week in Hamburg got to see first-hand how this annual event is an important launch pad for new products and important announcements within the industry. AIX is the world’s largest event dedicated to the aircraft interiors industry, featuring the latest designs and innovations in cabin interiors in-flight entertainment, connectivity and passenger services, from over 500 exhibitors and 7,000 industry peers. The following shows a list of highlights from the show:

digEcor announces first GLIDE IFE embedded system deal with US charter carrier Air Transport International

Ben Fuller, Director of Sales and Marketing at digEcor and David Withers, CEO of Total Aviation Solutions (TAS)

Inflight entertainment provider digEcor, Inc. announced the recent signing of a deal to deliver their all new embedded inflight entertainment system, dubbed GLIDE IFE, to US charter carrier Air Transport International (ATI).

Slated to launch on ATI’s fleet of 757 passenger-freighter Combi aircraft, digEcor is also providing an exciting lineup of digital entertainment options including Hollywood blockbusters and classics, the latest music and videos, and a suite of entertaining games.

“We are excited to be the launch partner with digEcor and be the first to have the GLIDE IFE system,” said ATI President, Dennis Manibusan in the media release. “We shopped around for an embedded system, and the GLIDE IFE system met all of our immediate needs in terms of cost, reliability, functionality and providing a high level of passenger entertainment.”

DigEcor’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ben Fuller commented, “We’re more commonly known in the IFE industry as the portable provider and we’re thrilled to show our continued product diversity with our embedded GLIDE IFE. We’re honored to have ATI as our launch partner and we’re committed to their success moving forward.”

Ocleen signs two Letters of Intent with potential customers

“We are particularly targeting short and medium haul airlines and chose Aircraft Interiors Expo because we decided this was the best place to meet them. We are very pleased with the number of high quality visitors that have come to our stand and the length of time they have spent gaining an understanding of the benefits of our solutions. Just today we signed two Letters of Intent with potential customers, one of them a large Asian carrier. Our new revenue model has created a lot of interest, as has the fact that our system can work with a range of IFE hardware, including retro-fitting. We have also been approached by business jet operators regarding buying our service without the advertising funding,” said Ocleen's, Pascal Staud.

Ocleen offers two options: air.connect, which uses a pre-installed server and WiFi access points, and air.tabcloud, which streams TV content to tablets without the need for an internet connection. The air.tabcloud solution overcomes limited storage space on each tablet by distributing the overall content evenly across all proprietary tablets.

EAM Worldwide launches single-lane evacuation slide for the Airbus A320

EAM Worldwide launched a single-lane evacuation slide for the A320 family of jets, a significant diversification from its long established range of life rafts and life vests. Manny Gatto, Director of Sales for EAM said the stand has been consistently busy, with visitors interested in both the competitive pricing of the slide and its innovative features, such as LED lighting.

Gatto said on the afternoon of day two, “We had high expectations for this show and to date they have been exceeded. We have seen those visitors we invited to view our exciting new product and have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of other prospective customers that have come to see us”.


ROMTEX ANJOU AERONAUTIQUE presented their light seat belt during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

According to the media release from the company, the new seat belt is lighter in weight, meets TSO C22g requirements, suitable for premium and economy seats and also has a ninety-degree buckle release.

The rated strength is up to 3,000 pounds and the product is also available in multiple color options of the webbing and in a variety of custom finishes, plating and logos.

Zodiac unveils Widebody Lavatory for the retrofit market

For the first time anywhere, Zodiac unveiled their new Zodiac Widebody Lavatory for the retrofit market at the AIX show in Hamburg.

Applying a Flexible Platform design approach, the company’s industrial designers have created the new lavatory, with intelligently configured modules that can be utilized to refresh existing widebody lavatories too.

New components from Zodiac Aircraft Systems are incorporated into the unit and utilize the latest technologies.


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