April 16 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

EAM unveils its first evacuation slide at AIX 2013

By Maryann Simson

EAM Worldwide, also known as Eastern Aero Marine, manufacturer of life vests, life rafts and survival kits revealed its new evacuation slide at the Aircraft Interior’s Expo 2013 Hamburg, Germany.

The single lane escape evacuation slide is the latest addition to the EAM product portfolio. The EAM ES-320F, the first product in the EAM slide series, fits the specifications of the A320 aircraft family and is designed and tested to meet FAA TSO-C69c. The ES-320F slide offers an improved durable composite packboard design, says the company, and features new generation high and mid intensity white LED lights for greater visibility during evacuation.

The slide is assembled with heat seal technology to ensure reliability in even the most extreme conditions. “Our ES-320F is just the beginning of our slide offerings. We are working to complete an entire ship set and will offer off-wing and slide rafts by 2014,”said Eloy Leal, Director of Operations and Engineering for EAM.

The EAM Worldwide headquarters will be the sole distributor of EAM slides initially and the company has designated four repair stations from its current network to service the first EAM slides. These repair stations are E.M.S., located in Paris, France; Australian Maritime Systems (A.M.S.) in Queensland, Australia; W. H. Brennan in Singapore and Ingeniería Semasa in Madrid, Spain.

“Our clients have been requesting a slide product for several years. We will meet and exceed their needs with our initial product offering and international slide repair station partners,” said Manny Gato, Director of Sales. 

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