April 3 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

easyJet to equip new aircraft exclusively with Recaro seats

By Lauren Brunetti

For the first time, easyJet has ordered Recaro Aircraft Seating model SL3510, distinguished by its light weight and ease of maintenance. Over the next five years, easyJet plans to exclusively install Recaro seats in its new aircraft. In an initial phase, 2,500 seats will be installed in a total of 14 A320 aircraft. The first easyJet aircraft with Recaro on board will be delivered to the airline in April 2013.

“We are very pleased that, with our special economy class seat SL3510, we have been able to win easyJet as a new customer”, says Andreas Lindemann, Chief Sales Officer at Recaro Aircraft Seating. “Weighing only about nine kilograms per seat, it is lighter than the product that the airline has been using up until now. Thanks to the Recaro seats, each aircraft will be almost 600 kilograms, i.e. 26 percent, lighter than before. This very low weight will help the airline to reduce fuel burn with corresponding reductions in CO2 emissions.”

Warwick Brady, Chief Operating Officer at easyJet, adds: “With Recaro Aircraft Seating, we have the ideal partner at our side, one  who supports us in our efforts to reduce fuel burn and optimize the economic impact of our aircraft. Being a customer centric airline, the SL3510 won us over with its combination of comfort, increased passenger personal space, lightweight design and reduced number of components, all in proven Recaro quality.”

Over the next five years, the airline intends to work exclusively with Recaro Aircraft Seating as its supplier of aircraft seats. In an initial phase, 2,500 seats are to be installed in 14 new A320 aircraft.

Through a dramatic reduction in the number of parts and the use of especially robust materials from the automotive sector, the SL3510 is exceptionally robust, which importantly also reduces maintenance costs. “Our SL3510 product meets these requirements perfectly. The seat’s many positive characteristics have made it a benchmark in the short-range segment,” explains Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

The Recaro developers have intentionally focused on the seat’s ergonomic qualities: The backrest angle is pre-defined for a relaxed sitting position. The netting in the aluminum frame conforms to the shape of the passenger's spine. Because the slim backrest, the seat also offers a maximum of living space, meaning that passengers enjoy a very comfortable short-range flight of up to four hours.

Recaro Aircraft Seating has won several awards for this innovative and environmentally sustainable seat development, including the industry’s Crystal Cabin Award in the “Industrial Design/Interior Concept” category.

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