March 8 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Red Dot Design Award for Zodiac Aerospace`s Concert Suite

By Rick Lundstrom

The new generation of galley inserts was a Red Dot winner for Zodiac Aerospace


Zodiac Aerospace's Concert Suite of galley inserts has won the Red Dot Design Award 2013 from the Red Dot Institute for Advanced Design Studies.

Zodiac competed against 1.865 manufacturers, designers and architects out of 54 countries who applied for the award.

The suite of products includes ovens, coffee makers, beverage makers, water boilers and bun warmers.  Every insert incorporates a continuous design language due to the integrated elliptical form at the front, which reflects the curved surfaces in the aircraft cabin and thus mixes the otherwise vertically and horizontally constructed galley structure.

“The challenge was to combine form and function, delivering an attractive and elegant outer appearance and also incorporating the increased functionalities required by airline customers today,” said a release from Zodiac Aerospace.

The products are designed to trim up to 75 kilograms on a typical wide body configuration. Users can choose between a left hand or right hand hinged door at the oven and bun warmer.

An insulated serving pot, an easy to clean display as well as an ergonomic formed door lock and an oven door with double safety latching can be operated using one hand. Special materials keep the system within aviation industry standards for flammability, generation and release.


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