February 27 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Flying Colours Corp. continues to rise in the East

By Lauren Brunetti

Since ABACE 2012, it has delivered a further four Bombardier Challenger 850s to the region and has a further five of the same model in the pipeline with completion and delivery to China planned within the next twelve months

As ABACE 2013 approaches, April 16 - 18, Flying Colours Corp. the Canadian-based business aircraft maintenance, completions and refurbishments company continues to bolster its position in the Asian market, a recent press release said. 

Since ABACE 2012, it has delivered a further four Bombardier Challenger 850s to the region and has a further five of the same model in the pipeline with completion and delivery to China planned within the next twelve months.  In addition Flying Colours Corp. has completed two major refurbishments of Global Express models for Chinese-based clients in the last year. By year end Flying Colours will have delivered a total of 15 Challenger 850s to China. All of the aircraft headed for China were delivered to corporate owners or private high net worth individuals who have placed them with members of the growing Asian based aircraft management fraternity.

Asia continues to be a leading market for Flying Colours Corp. which has seen a widening of the geographical spread of its aircraft completion clients with aircraft destined for Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as other cities in mainland China. To expedite efficient delivery times across the region Flying Colours Corp. has strengthened its relationship with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for aircraft certification. 

“There is a very specific process that has to be followed and it takes time,” says John Gillespie President, about the paperwork, in the press release. “We have now had extensive experience so we can anticipate what the authority needs. Likewise the CAAC officials know they can rely on us to provide the necessary documents. This is a real bonus for our clients as it means an aircraft can enter service as soon as it arrives,” he continued.

Flying Colours Corp has also developed a unique understanding of specific Asian trends. Gillespie notes vivid interiors are often asked for with red frequently being the underlying palette colour.  One completion features a visually dramatic red interior featuring red leather upholstery, carpets and even cabinetry stained cherry red, whilst another includes a midnight black based interior. Styles influenced by fashion brands such as Hermes and Calvin Klein are regularly requested which sees the Flying Colours design team adapting materials to ensure they will pass the required safety certification.

Complementing the unusual interiors Flying Colours Corp. has also implemented technically challenging features. The latest round of Challenger completions included the incorporation of a complete smoke extraction system to remove cigarette smoke during flight and installation of global swift broadband. Completion times for the aircraft average eight months with work being split between the Flying Colours Corp. Peterborough facility and the St Louis based US subsidiary JetCorp Technical Services which mirrors the Canadian site in terms of capability.

As Flying Colours Corp continues to focus on Asian business development it has begun to explore further opportunities with a number of different Chinese based business aviation companies, the release said. “We value this market as it is where our principle growth has come from over the last three years said Gillespie. Its a constantly changing landscape from a business perspective and in order to better serve our client base we have considered opening our own facility as well as the option of working with a Chinese based partner via a join venture. We anticipate having a base and  capability to carry out refurbishment work in the region by the end of 2013.

 Flying Colours is a global aviation service company which specialises in Green Completions, Interior Refurbishment, Maintenance, Component Services, Auxiliary Fuel Systems, Exterior Paint and Avionics Installation and Upgrades.  Flying Colours’ US operation JetCorp Technical Services is an FAA-licensed Class III and IV Part 145 repair station based in St Louis, Missouri.  


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