January 14 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Cyprus Airways receives enhanced definition IFE system

By Lauren Brunetti

Passengers flying with Cyprus Airways on their Airbus A321 aircraft will benefit from watching IFE on a newly installed enhanced definition IFE system.  Airline Services has replaced the “Head End” Tape Player on Cyprus Airways’ Airbus 321s and installed ASL’s newly manufactured  digital video player- AeroStream XP1

According to the official press release, Cyprus Airways will see benefits as  the AeroStream XP1 is a direct replacement, both in terms of functionality and physical size,  and units can be changed extremely quickly (on an over-night stop for example).   For on-going cost savings, the AeroStream XP1 Digital Media Player has few parts and can be easily maintained by airlines within their own approved repair shops.

“Airline Services enables airlines to upgrade their current IFE systems with replacement products such as the AeroStream XP1 and AeroScreen, quickly and inexpensively with minimum inconvenience,” said Dave Collins, Development Engineer in the media release.  “The cost benefits are undeniable whilst still improving the passenger experience.”

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