January 7 2016  |  Catering

Royal Caribbean commits to cage free eggs and gestation-crate free pork

By Rick Lundstrom

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will provide passengers meals made with 100% cage-free eggs by 2022, building on an initiative that first introduced cage-free eggs into its supply chain in 2010.

“By moving to 100 percent cage-free eggs we are not only delivering quality food, but acting responsibly when it comes to the welfare of animals in the food system,” said Mike Jones, Vice President, Supply Chain, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd in a December release from the cruise line.

Royal Caribbean is also is committing to sourcing only gestation crate free pork by 2022.  

“Royal Caribbean supports the continual movement of the food service industry in this direction, and remains committed to keeping the treatment of animals in consideration when supplying its fleet with food,” said Jones.


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