Catering & Inflight Service


airberlin adds cities to restaurant service

The service is available for passengers in Economy Class who order the meals no later than 12 hours before the flight.

gategroup expands work with easyJet and airberlin

This week, gategroup announced that it has extended its contract with easyJet through 2022, and airberlin through the end of 2020.

Luxury label Wunderkind and airberlin develop new kit

The two unisex kits for flights to and from Germany include: Wunderkind lip balm and facial moisturizer, and other comfort items including a sleeping mask, toothbrush and socks.

skysupply makes WUNDERKIND fly on airberlin

The kits include WUNDERKIND facial moisturizer and lip balm and other comfort items. The airline’s lavatories are equipped with WUNDERKIND hand wash and body lotion.

Flying Food Group welcomes airberlin to ORD

Flying Food Group (FFG), welcomed airberlin (AB) to its roster of more than 70 airline customers as the carrier launched its new service to Chicago last week.

Tourism delegates to be treated on airberlin

All exhibition visitors traveling with airberlin to this year's International Tourism Exchange (ITB) will be served the popular curried sausage known as Currywurst as a free snack.