December 19 2017  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Two more years for Kaelis and Renfe contract

By Rachel Debling

Kaelis created Rekko, a stylish and functional tray set, exclusively for Renfe

In their December 2017 newsletter, Kaelis announced that it has renewed its supply contract with Spanish railway company Renfe Viajeros for two more years. Renfe’s partnering agent for this contract is Ferrovial Servicios.

This agreement was signed in November 2017 and extends the original four-year contract that saw Kaelis providing Renfe’s high-speed and long-distance trains with onboard equipment.

Kaelis will continue supplying Renfe trains with 40 different products, such as catering materials and amenity kits, among other items.

The onboard product provider also created a tray set-up called Rekko exclusively for Renfe after the railway company expressed interest in a redesign that would be both functional and stylish.

To further explain the creative process behind Rekko, Kaelis released a video chronicling its development, which can be viewed here.

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