October 9 2017  |  Catering

SAS expands its special meal offer

By Rick Lundstrom

Starting October 4, SAS allowed passengers the opportunity to pre-order food adapted to their dietary and lifestyle requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free and other options. 

SAS recently launched its new food and drink concept, “New Nordic by SAS,” for passengers in SAS Plus on all flights within Europe and on Scandinavian and domestic routes. The concept focuses on locally sourced products and seasonal ingredients.

In a program called SAS Go flights within Europe of at least two hours’ duration offer a similar option. On flights to the USA and Asia, food is included in SAS Go and passengers are able to call in advance to order special meals.

“We want to be able to offer our guests onboard a tailored experience,” says Therese Lorenius, Head of Product and Services at SAS in today’s release on the program. “Food and drinks are an important part of this and we want passengers to be able to eat according to their lifestyle while they are onboard with us at SAS. So we are pleased to be introducing the opportunity for our passengers in SAS Go to pre-order food from our new and wider range within Europe.”

All meals come packed in a cube, making it easy to eat while working, reading or watching a movie. The meals can be pre-ordered at least 18 hours before the flight, at the time of booking, on the SAS website, through travel agent or through SAS Call Centers. The price is €11, except for the mini pizza, which is €6. 


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