August 3 2017  |  Catering

KLM to expand new direct order meal service

By Hibah Noor

Starting October 29, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be offering its Anytime For You meal service to World Business Class passengers on flights to and from Eight meals are offered in the Anytime For You program on KLMBangkok.

This is the second route, after Johannesburg, where World Business Class passengers. KLM launched Anytime For You July 1. In addition to the usual three-course dinner and lunch options, the menu also includes an Anytime For You selection of eight dishes.

This includes cold and warm dishes, savory and sweet, healthy dishes and tasty treats. After the regular meal service, passengers can order from this extra menu during the remainder of the flight. The selected dish is prepared and served restaurant style.

“Judging by the many positive responses we’ve had from passengers, the new service really meets their wishes,” said Willem Spelt, Director of Product Management. “People are pleasantly surprised by the concept, which offers them more choice and versatility. And that is exactly what we hoped to achieve: giving the passenger a positive and memorable experience”

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