June 27 2017  |  Catering

JetBlue adds new buy-on-board snacks

By Rick Lundstrom

JetBlue's EatUp snack boxes will be on flights of more than two hours

Starting July 1, JetBlue Airways will be adding a variety of new snacks to its EatUp boxes that are available for purchase on flights of more than two hours.

Four boxes are in the service. BigUp has a protein packed selection with RXBAR®, coconut toffee candy, Field Trip® turkey jerky, roasted chickpeas and Parmesan cheese crisps. MixItUp has KIND®, ranch crackers, Field Trip® turkey stick and fruit snacks. AmpUp offers gluten-free, vegan and kosher products, among them Mary’s Gone Crackers®, red pepper hummus, MadeGood® chocolate crispy rice squares, Greek olives, roasted almonds and a That’s It® fruit bar. Finally, CatchUp has Emerald® cashews, Halfpops® popcorn, Cissé Cocoa® brownie crisps and Jelly Belly® jellybeans.

JetBlue accepts credit and debit cards and Apple Pay.

“At JetBlue, we spend a lot of time curating a variety of snacks to meet every customers’ taste,” said Jamie Perry, Vice President of Marketing at JetBlue. “We have refreshed our onboard options to ensure customers on JetBlue feel comfortable and satisfied during their journey.”

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