April 18 2017  |  Catering

TAP adds Michelin-starred chefs for signature dish service

By Rick Lundstrom

TAP Portugal is collaborating with five Michelin Star chefs, along with Chef Vítor Sobral, TAP’s cuisine consultant, for menus featuring Portuguese cuisines.

Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Miguel Laffan, Rui Paula and Rui Silvestre join Sobral in the effort. Starting in September each month’s in-flight meal will be a creation from one of the Michelin star chefs.

“Portugal is often referred to by the international media as ‘the best kept secret in Europe’. TAP’s commitment by announcing this project is perfectly clear: we will do everything we can so that Portugal is no longer a secret,” said the airline's Chairman, Fernando Pinto at the official launch of this project in the Palácio Pimenta, in Lisbon earlier this month.

Pinto said he believes the agreement with the six Chefs “will allow more people to discover the excellence of our cuisine and fall in love with Portugal: with its aromas, its scents, its sunshine, its sea, its wines, its cuisine and its culture”.

As part of this project, known as “Taste The Stars,” TAP will offer a platform to other gifted chefs trained by one of the six official chefs, and given the opportunity to present their creations and suggestions as part of the in-flight service.

With the “Taste the Stars” projects, the Chefs will create meals for TAP passengers, discover, promote and encourage new Portuguese cooking talents, reinvent the use of several regional products, be part of national and international TAP cooking events (in New York or São Paulo). The restaurants run by the Chefs will now be part of the “Portugal Stopover” program.

In the near future, TAP will also revamp its wine list, in a new selection model that will also give Portuguese producers the opportunity to promote their products internationally.

TAP carries approximately 12 million passengers a year, and growing. In 2016 TAP served 14 million in-flight meals, almost 2 million liters of water, 1.7 million liters of fruit juice and soft drinks, almost 37 thousand kilos of coffee, 175 thousand litersof beer and more than 500,000 liters of wine, all of which was produced domestically.

Background on the chefs can be found here

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