February 1 2017  |  Catering

SKYSUPPLY introduces Business Class kit for South African Airways

By Melissa Silva

Having supplied the airline with a variety of inflight amenity kits and children kits for several years, SKYSUPPLY is continuing to supply South Africa’s national carrier, most recently with the airline’s Business Class amenity bags.

South African Airways' Business Class amenity kits featuring Mphelane Mareletse's design

“We are very proud that South African Airways continues to place their trust in SKYSUPPLY. By introducing their Business Class amenity bags, the guests’ travel experience has been further enhanced and South African Airways contributes importantly to sharing Africa’s beauty, strength and spirit with the world,” said Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director of SKYSUPPLY.

SKYSUPPLY’s creative team designed inbound and outbound bags for Business Class guests using the design of the African fashion designer Mphelane Mareletse, who symbolizes a new, aspiring generation of self-confident African artists. Mareletse is the first testimonial appointed to bring South African Airway’s brand purpose and vision — “A Catalyst for African Growth” — to life. Over the coming month, there will be other designers following Durban-born Mareletse to create a whole series of amenity kits. Mareletse, who incorporates her African roots and sense for aesthetics, utilized the existing South African Airways brand corporate identity in a fresh and contemporary manner. The result is a vibrant, detailed and sophisticated pouch with added value for Business Class passengers.

The holistic concept and design featured in South African Airways’ Business Class amenity bags was also used in the development of the airline’s Economy Class kits.

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