June 26 2015  |  Catering

LSG Sky Chefs opens new Auckland facility

By Melissa Silva

LSG Sky Chefs officially opened its newly built facility in Auckland, New Zealand (AKL). The customer service center was built based on a long-term agreement with Air New Zealand, LSG Sky Chefs’ hub customer at this location and partner for almost two decades.

The 11,600 square-meter building has a 2,500 square-meter production area where approximately 550 employees produce 17,000 meals and some 7,000 fresh-food products per day for international airline customers including Air New Zealand, Emirates, Korean Air, LAN Airlines, Qantas, Singapore, Air Calin and Virgin Australia, as well as a number of retail outlets.

The unit is equipped with low temperature dishwashing, temperature-controlled food-processing areas, LED-lighting installations and organic waste recycling to facilitate efficient and eco-friendly processes in the operations.

Energy consumption has also been significantly reduced compared to the old unit, which is currently being demolished and the land given back to Air New Zealand.

The opening ceremony was attended by special guests Christopher Luxon, Chief Executive Officer of Air New Zealand, and Dr. Anne-Marie Schleich, the German Ambassador in Wellington.

“I would like to thank Air New Zealand for this long-lasting partnership, which has been built on mutual trust and respect and has produced value and growth for both companies,” said Erdmann Rauer, LSG Sky Chefs’ CEO in his opening speech. “Our new facility is a major contribution to New Zealand’s prosperous economy while strengthening our ties across continents.”

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon says the airline’s relationship with LSG Sky Chefs is a significant and longstanding one and the opening of the facility is a major milestone. “This brand new state-of-the-art facility represents the ongoing partnership between our two parties with the airline providing the site and a long term commitment to LSG Sky Chefs, and LSG Sky Chefs investing significant capital in building this modern facility which is sure to be the envy of all caterers.”

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