April 23 2015  |  Catering

FORMIA supplies China Airlines with new amenity kits

By Melissa Silva

FORMIA announced that it has begun supplying China Airlines with three different unisex amenity kits for passengers in Business Class and on board Premium Economy flights.

Each pouch is branded with the airline’s logo and features comfort items from the Acca Kappa “1869” cosmetic range

“FORMIA has worked with China Airlines in the past and it is good to be doing so again. These attractive kits reflect the airline’s determination to raise the level of customer service on board its flights. The fact that the Premium Economy kit is so similar in design and contents to the Business Class offering speaks volumes for their focus on improving flight facilities for all their customers,” said Roland Grohmann, Managing Director of FORMIA.

China Airlines took delivery last autumn of their first 777 aircraft and, working with FORMIA and Taiwanese design consultancy Kuan’s Living, devised a bespoke kit in the form of a modern, neat and sturdy pouch for passengers on board that aircraft.  Since then, the kit has been extended to cover non-777 Business Class and Premium Economy Class as well.

"With these new kits, China Airlines successfully meets its aim to raise the quality bar in Premium Economy inflight facilities by lifting them to close to Business Class standards. We are proud of this innovation and confident that our passengers will appreciate the thought and design that goes into all the pouches we now offer across our flights and classes,” said Jeffrey Kuo, China Airlines' Spokesman.

Each pouch, with valuable design input from Kuan’s Living, is branded with the airline’s logo and features a brightly colored lining. Inside are comfort items from the renowned Acca Kappa “1869” cosmetic range. They have been specifically designed to enable recipients to use them long after the flight.

“As the design consultancy helping China Airlines with the redesign of its cabin interiors, we are delighted to be also working — with FORMIA — on the design of the airline’s onboard passenger offerings. This will result in a noticeably coordinated design theme coming through strongly in line with China Airlines’s drive for improved quality and customer service,” said Viola Chen, President of Kuan’s Living.

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