July 2 2014  |  Catering

KLM adds soups to starter choices

By Rick Lundstrom

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has added soup as a first course option in World Business Class.

The vegetarian soup will be offered as an alternative option to the standard starter on the World Business Class menu. Soup will also be part of the selection in World Business Class Express Service.

“Research has shown that passengers appreciate a choice of starters,” said a release from KLM. “In tests on board where soup was served as an alternative to the standard first course, the passengers appreciated the standard starter more than in flights that offered no choice.”

KLM will plans to use seasonal products, and will begin with yellow pepper soup, which will be prepared fresh daily.

KLM will serve meals by Sergio Herman in World Business Class until the end of September. KLM has been offering meals in World Business Class created by a variety of well-known Dutch chefs.

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