December 31 2013  |  Catering

Classic duck dish now on Air China

By Rick Lundstrom

Classic Beijing Duck is considered a national dish of China

Beijing Duck is one of several authentic dishes on Air China's in-flight menus. The airline has introduced dozens of classic Chinese and western dishes like crab meat dumplings and steak with mushrooms in cream on its long-haul routes to Europe and the United States.

“In order to make sure that authentic Beijing Duck can be presented to passengers, Air China and Quanjude have studied together for several months on how to roast duck with in-flight equipment,” said a release from the airline. “Now, the two companies have worked out a practical and reliable cooking method and a Beijing Duck-specific menu, which not only pleases palates, but also educates diners on Beijing Duck's historic origins.”

Air China sent its flight attendants to Quanjude to learn about the company’s history, watch the process of Beijing Duck preparation, and learned the way it is served.

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