December 11 2013  |  Catering

Allegiant adds medications to on board sales

By Rick Lundstrom

Allegiant Air announced today that it would offer UrgentRx, an over-the-counter flavored powder medication offering relief from common discomforts of travel and day-to-day maladies.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant will board six varieties of UrgentRx flavored powder medications: Headache Relief to Go ™, Heartburn Relief to Go™, Upset Stomach Relief to Go ™ Ache & Pain Relief to Go ™ Allergy Attack Relief to Go ™ and Critical Care Aspirin to Go ™.

With no water required, the credit-card sized packet will sell for US$2 per individual package.

"We recognized a need in the marketplace for immediate relief from common sicknesses that put travelers in great discomfort," stated Jordan Eisenberg, founder and President of UrgentRx in today's announcement. "A partnership between the two companies is a natural fit, given that both UrgentRx and Allegiant Air share the same goal; ensuring consumers are safe and comfortable whenever, wherever, even while 30,000 feet in the sky."

UrgentRx currently produces medications for everyday ailments such as allergy attacks, headaches, aches and pains, heartburn, and upset stomach. Based in Denver, UrgentRx was founded by Eisenberg in 2010.

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