November 26 2013  |  Catering

Mercury Awards marks year two in Abu Dhabi

By Rick Lundstrom

The International Travel Catering Association's Mercury Awards made a second appearance November 25 in Abu Dhabi with six awards presented during a gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Accepting both awards for DHL was Martin Willmor, right, Head of Airline Operations at its Heathrow Flight Assembly Centre. Presenting the Environmental Award was Nicolas Trentesaux SIAL’s Group DirectorThe presentation ended the second day of the annual SIAL Middle East 2013 event Presenting the Award was Simon Soni Head of Guest Experience, Catering at Etihad Airways, left. Accepting the award for Sturia was Sébastien Bourguignon, Sales Director at Sturiawhere the ITCA holds an exhibition and networking session. This year, companies from more than a dozen countries exhibited adjacent the massive food show.

The gala dinner was held on a mild and clear evening waterside at the Shangri-La Hotel. Emcee for the awards ceremony was ITCA President Stephen White, assisted by a host of industry figures and a representative from SIAL.

Judges for this year’s Mercury Awards were: Tracey Barnett, Manager Product and Service British Airways; Chris Jackson, Global Vice President Airline Business Solutions DHL; Mike Pooley, Managing Director Purpose-made Solutions Ltd.; and Jacqui Davidson, Gastro Culinary Innovation.

A bone china program from Hainan Airlines that featured Western and Eastern design won this year’s Mercury Presenting the award for Onboard Services category was Mike Pooley, center, Managing Director of Purpose-made Solutions, Ltd.  Accepting the Award from Hainan Airlines, left, is Ning Zhang, General Manager of Hainan Airlines Abu Dhabi and Dubai office and Allen Liu Operations Manager of Hainan Airlines in Abu Dhabi.Award in the Onboard Services Category. The China pattern also had a multi-functional saucer that allowed for sharing, thus simplifying purchasing and saving weight,

DSI Foods Limited won the Food and Beverage Award for a program that efficiently shared meal information and nutritional data with passengers and airlines. The program increased productivity and passenger satisfaction for the company’s customers.

Two winners claimed awards in the Equipment category. The first, for light equipment was an individual sturgeon caviar service called The One by a French company, Sturia. The One is composed of a black cup for crushed ice teamed with pre-portioned 15-grams of caviar. Once ice is added the seal is removed from the caviar cap and a spoon is placed for serving.

Presenter was of the Food and Beverage Award Laith Biltaji of deSter. Receiving the Award for DSI was Giselle Arieu of DSI Foods Ltd. The second award in the Equipment category was for heavy equipment. The winner was the German company Meiko for its MiQ warewashing system. Among the features of the MiQ are a touch screen display and blue tooth interface, along with color-coded removable parts that simplify operation and maintenance.Presenting the Award for heavy equipment, left, was Tomas Jamtander of Addis International Catering. Accepting for Meiko was, middle, Klaus Engesser, Export Director of Professional Warewashing Technology, and Eric Waag, Sales Manager of the Inflight Catering Division of Professional Warewashing Technology

The supply chain solutions company DHL won two awards for its environmental initiatives conducted in and around London airports. The company won awards for Systems and Process Management and the Mercury Environmental Award. DHL has added equipment for handling and drying waste for re-use, which saved tons of material that would normally go to landfills, incurring additional cost. The company also won Environmental award for its equipment to enable British Airways to take control of multiple waste streams and reduce dependency on landfills. In 2012 British Arways achieve its goal of sending no waste to landfills.






















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