October 28 2013  |  Catering

Servair promotes culinary traditions in China

By Rick Lundstrom

Servair is supporting the first ever La Semaine du Goût  (The Week of Taste) event organized in China, October 28-29 in Macau.

“As a partner of La Semaine du Goût, Servair especially hopes to promote knowledge of French tastes and culinary traditions in Macau,” said a release from the caterer.

Servair is involved a bread tasting class for approximately 20 children from the School of the Nations that will be held October 28 at Servair's facilities. The workshop aims to introduce children to bread making.

Joël Rivet, a chef from the Servair's Macau unit, will go to the School of the Nations October 29 for another tasting event. Food writer Jean-Luc Petitrenaud, one of the founders of La Semaine du Goût, will join him.

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